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Please Come to Krishna Bhakti – 3

This is in continuation of the transcription of the lecture delivered on 15th March 1992 in Singapore, by our beloved spiritual master, H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj, very very lovingly explaining the reason why the scriptures have been written and the way to get attracted to the scriptures. Maharaj was explaining the four defects of all the living entities. The first defect is known as ‘bhrama’. Second defect in Sanskrit is known as ‘pramada’,the third defect is known as ‘vipralipsa’ and the fourth defect is known as ‘karanapatava’. Maharaj’s explanation of the first two defects was posted in the previous offering. 3.Vipralipsa – Cheating propensity Because of our illusion, in order to hide our illusion, we have to cheat others and definitely we will cheat. As soon as we get the opportunity we will cheat and that is cheating propensity. It is known as vipralipsa. We have to cheat because ... Read More »

Please Come to Krishna Bhakti – 2

This is in continuation of the transcription of the lecture delivered on 15th March 1992 in Singapore, by our beloved spiritual master H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj, very very lovingly explaining the reason why the scriptures have been written and the way to get attracted to the scriptures. Maharaj was referring to the verse 1.7.6 of Srimad Bhagavatam anarthopashamam saakshaad / bhakti-yogam adhokshaje lokasyaajaanato vidvaams / cakre saatvata-samhitaam “The material miseries of the living entity, which are superfluous to him, can be directly mitigated by the linking process of devotional service. But the mass of people do not know this, and therefore the learned Vyasadeva compiled this Vedic literature, which is in relation to the Supreme Truth.” With your work you can very well perform bhakti activities and they are very easy. Shravanam, kirtanam and smaranam. You just hear, you talk and you remember Krishna. But we do not want to ... Read More »

Please Come to Krishna Bhakti – 1

In a lecture delivered on 15th March 1992 in Singapore, our beloved Guru Maharaj very very lovingly explains the reason why the scriptures have been written and the way to get attracted to the scriptures. The following is a transcription of that lecture. The thing is that we have to understand why the scriptures are written. Because we do not know the reason of these scriptures, it becomes very difficult for us to understand the scriptures and it becomes very difficult for us to be attracted to the scriptures. We are not attracted, frankly speaking. We always keep aside. We have Bhagavad Gita since so many years, may be 100 years you have Bhagavad gita in your house but never have we opened it because we do not know what is written, who has written and what is the use of it is. Can we get Dollars if we read ... Read More »

Srimad Bhagavatam is the Only Cure – 3

“In Bhagavad Gita verse 12.15, Lord Krishna says yasmaan nodvijate loko / lokaan nodvijate ca yah harshaamarsha-bhayodvegair / mukto yah sa ca me priyah. “He for whom no one is put into difficulty and who is not disturbed by anyone, who is equipoised in happiness and distress, fear and anxiety, is very dear to Me.” But we are para sukha-dukhi. We are unhappy when others are happy (parodayenaarpita-hrd-rujo anisham). This way our whole culture is completely buried, and other culture is pulled upon us. These days churches are morose. You know, nobody is visiting there. Why we don’t feel like going there? Because there is nothing there! With Deities, even a small child can go there and not be scared. But an empty hall is scary, you know. We have become so fallen these days that we are thinking that, “If I can go my way, then Krishna can stand ... Read More »

Srimad Bhagavatam is the Only Cure – 2

In the previous offering we heard from Maharaj as to how by doing our duties immaculately, we will be able to get detached from the fruitive results. Detachment does not mean, stopping the work, but doing it more carefully. Let us continue to hear more nectar from Maharaj. “Whenever we give class on Srimad Bhagavatam, each word should be described. So please study nicely before giving class. 45 minutes is a joke of Bhagavatam class. We are hardly touching even one point in 45 minutes. Minimum 2 to 3 hours of class is required. We are only licking the bottle of Bhagavatam; that will not satisfy us. When we come for temples or satsangs, please don’t be bothered about wearing ironed clothes etc. Be it Prabhujis or Matajis, everyone should dress in Vedic manner. We can use jute clothes. They are antiseptic, the best clothes. Now-a-days people turns up in ... Read More »

Srimad Bhagavatam is the Only Cure – 1

The following is my notes from His Holiness Mahavishnu Gosvami Maharaj’s class on Srimad Bhagavatam 4.6.47, given in London, July 11, 2008. Maharaj gives the cure for the different unwanted qualities mentioned in the verse and Krishna willing, we are going to post our notes from this class in parts. GuruMaharaj has taught us that we need to learn to improve our behaviour by studying Srimad Bhagavatam, otherwise, if there is no significant change to our character taking place, our Bhagavatam studies are just for name and fame. prthag-dhiyah karma-drsho duraashayaah parodayenaarpita-hrd-rujo ‘nisham paraan duruktair vitudanty aruntudaas taan maavadheed daiva-vadaan bhavad-vidhah “Persons who observe everything with differentiation, who are simply attached to fruitive activities, who are mean minded, who are always pained to see the flourishing condition of others and who thus give distress to them by uttering harsh and piercing words have already been killed by providence. Thus there ... Read More »

The Lord Gives Inspiration – 6

Today we will see the explanation by Prabhuji on how Lord is so kind especially to unsophisticated devotees. Maharaj told the story of Buddhuram. Buddhuram was an unsophisticated farmer in a small village in Gujarat. He doesn’t know anything. He could not read or write. One day Buddhuram went home after tendering the calves and his wife was just complaining and shouting at him. Buddhuram’s wife always regretted marrying him. She said, “After all his name is Buddhuram and on top of that he has no buddhi. He is a highly silly man and only knows how to take care of his cows. But my other friends in my village, they always come back and tell me, “my husband did this”, “my husband achieved that”, “my husband got a new bullock cart” and I look at my dear husband, he is very satisfied in chanting the names of Krishna, taking ... Read More »

The Lord Gives Inspiration – 5

Today we will see the explanation by Prabhuji on how service without expectation would please Krishna. 8. Service without expectation would please Krishna: The word inspiration means also ‘sacrifice’. Maharaj made a very subtle link between inspiration and sacrifice. A devotee who wants to remember the lotus feet of the Lord will get inspiration because of his eagerness to do whatever is necessary for devotional service. In Ramayan, Jatayu was a very old vulture bird. When he met Ravana, he was very old. He was the King of the vultures but not very strong that time. He saw that Sita matha was in trouble and she was calling. Jatayu did not hesitate a moment to serve her. Not to save her but to serve her. Maharaj said that Jatayu did not think he could save Sita mata. He wanted to serve her. There is a difference. We always think that we are ... Read More »

Bhagavatam Equals to Behaviour

During his recent visit to Abudhabi, HG Devakinandan Prabhuji, our beloved God brother from Singapore gave a lot of enlightening Srimad Bhagavatam classes. In one of the classes, Prabhuji emphasized that, “Bhagavatam equals to Behaviour”. I have just transcribed all the points prabhuji spoke on this topic in that particular class on 29 th April 2011 and I am offering the same for all our benefit. 1.There must be a change in our lives: Maharaj says that the whole of Srimad Bhagavatam is nothing but behavior. That is why Bhagavatam is B and Behaviour is B. If you have these two Bs, then you are peaceful. Where there is Bhagavatam, there must be a change in our lives. If there is Bhagavatam and there is no change in our lives, that means we are just reading Bhagavatam, but we are not accepting Bhagavatam. Whatever we were one year ago, we should ... Read More »

Srimad Bhagavatam is Transcendental

We were very fortunate to have the wonderful association of our beloved god brother HG Devakinandan prabhuji. He flooded the parched land of Abudhabi with nectar of Srimad Bhagavatam. Prabhuji is embodiment of obedience to Srila Gurudev and along with sincere study, he also practises Srimad Bhagavatam in daily life. We can learn from him as to how to sincerely serve the spiritual master. During this visit, the whole theme of his classes is on one pointed attention towards Bhagavatam. Prabhuji insisted that more than just academic reading, we need to put into practice in our day to day lives which alone can be of real value. There is a wonderful statement by Srila Prabhupada on the nature of Srimad Bhagavatam which is worth meditating. “We should discuss Srimad-Bhagavatam daily as much as possible, and then everything will be clarified, for Bhagavatam is the essence of all Vedic literature, nigama-kalpa-taror ... Read More »