Check Your Desires

In Srimad Bhagvatam 1.2.6 Sri Suta Goswami answers the first question of the sages of Naimisharanya. The sages had asked him to summarize the whole range of revealed scriptures and present the most essential part so that fallen people or the people in general might easily take it up. sa vai … Continue reading

Eagerness of tongue and speech

Today I would like to share most important aspect of life of a devotee, fighting in materialistic world to sustain his devotion. We must have ourselves witnessed many incidents wherein our tongue was out of control. It is considered equally offensive when one speaks right things at wrong time and … Continue reading

Bhoga or Prasadam ?

An opulence of an individual is not measured by how many houses one has, how many cars one has, or by the count of family members and friends¬†one has.¬†It simply depends on how satisfied we are with whatever the Lord has blessed us with. But unfortunately most of the times we keep craving for … Continue reading

How To Satisfy Krishna


Today I was listening to a Bhagavatam class given by H.H. Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaja in Shree Shree Radha NeelMadhava dhama on 9 Dec 2008. While speaking to a grihastha devotee, Maharaja said, "Ashram doesn't matter really, whatever ashram we are, we have to remember Krishna's … Continue reading