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Maharaj tells a Funny Story

Maharaj tells a Funny Story (Compiled from notes on lectures of H. H. Mahavishnu Goswami) H. H. Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj shows a perfect balance of gravity and humour in his lectures. In one of the lectures Maharaj mentions that yasoda-nandana vraja-jana-ranjana. In Vraja-bhumi everybody walks. Vraja means to walk and jana means everybody in general. Then he says that this walking will keep one in good shape and will remove the fat from the body. Once Maharaja and one of his servants were in a supermarket in a city in US to buy yogurt and few other items. Every single item read on the label: non-fatty or fat-free. Maharaj commented, “In the supermarket everything is labeled non-fatty, but everybody who is walking around here is fat! Whereas in India all the food is fatty, but everybody is thin.” So the ideal way of keeping in shape is simply to walk. ... Read More »

Avoid Grabbing Tendency

Avoid Grabbing Tendency (Compiled from notes on lectures of H. H. Mahavishnu Goswami) A few days back I was very fortunate to get hold of one of my early notebooks in which I had written a lot of notes from my study of Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrta and also some of the very valuable notes taken from our Guru Maharaj’s lecture. It was really a pleasant experience to go through the notes I had taken several years back. Maharaja always used to insist that we should always keep writing whatever we read and it will always help at a later time. It is a 100% true statement. Today I will share with you some punching statements that Maharaja made during his class on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.6.24 in a morning class in Rajkot on 9th Nov 2004. matir mayi nibaddheyam na vipadyeta karhicit prajaa-sarga-nirodhe ‘pi smrtis ca mad-anugrahaat “Intelligence employed in ... Read More »