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Art of Saying ‘Sorry’

There are two golden words “Thank you” and “Sorry” which we should use genuinely and without miserliness in our dealings with others. But some times we take it for granted and don’t use them either due to our familiarity with others or due to our ego. Both these words are expressions of our gratitude to others for their help, their kindness in tolerating us and apology for the inconvenience we have caused to them. One important point we should remember while saying “sorry” is that if we do the same offence repeatedly then there is no meaning in our uttering the word “sorry”. We say “sorry” when we put others into inconvenience (no matter if it is knowingly or unknowingly). We say “Thank you” to others when we receive help from them which we do not deserve. We are happy to receive these two words from others, but are not so ... Read More »

Ways to Become Gentle and Sober

We are all in Kali yuga which itself impels us to be in mode of passion and ignorance and therefore goodness does not prevail at all. But a devotee of Krishna should be in mode of pure goodness and this can be achieved only by becoming sober and gentle. By being passionate and ignorant there is no question of soberity at all. It is really a challenging task ahead of us especially with so much of upheaval in our life to become sober and gentle. We have to understand that spiritual existence is of primary importance and by trying to become spiritual, material things will be arranged nicely. We are surcharged with faithlessness and therefore spiritual aspect of life is very difficult to comprehend. This is one of the reasons for our not becoming sober and gentle. Srimad Bhagavatam reveals the answer in unequivocal terms for our becoming sober and ... Read More »

Smash Your Pride

Smash Your Pride In one of the lectures in of Singapore, Maharaj was singing this beautiful bhajan by Surdas in bhairav raag. hey govind hey gopal ab tho jeevan haare hey govind rakho sharan ab tho jivan haare neer piban hetu gayo sindhu ke kinaare sindhu beech basat graaha carana lei pachaare char prahar yuddh bhayo lei gayo majhdhaare nake kaan doob na laage krishna ko pukaare dwaraka me shabdh gayo shor bhayo bhaare shanka chakra gadhaa padma garuda lei sidhaare shur kahe shyam suno sharan hai tihaare ab ki baer paar karo nanda ke dulaare Gurudev was explaining this bhajan very nicely. Here it is said that, “My Lord, we need Your shelter, else we are completely lost in this life because nowadays, everywhere in the world there is frustration. And because of the frustration we feel, ‘I am losing, I am losing’. Those who are losing are really ... Read More »

Answers from a Maha-Bhagavata – How to Become Humble?

Recently I was going through the diary which contained my conversations with our beloved Gurudev, HDG Mahavishnu Gosvami Maharaj. I seek the permission of the devotees to allow me to share an excerpt from one of the conversations. I will try and list down the points which I had taken down on my note book. We had noted this conversation down in point form. In this mail we have tried to put together all the points in 4 paragraphs for ease of reading, as such the sentences may not be flowing as it should be. Kindly forgive us. Question: Maharaj, we always read about the importance of humility. I have read in Prabhupada’s letter that real devotional service starts only when one is humble. What must we do to become humble Maharaj? Maharaj: Just remember your ashes. When you die the ashes are there. Nothing else. What is there to ... Read More »

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