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Transcend the Whirlpool of Material Modes – 3

  • Everything related to Krishna is forced to be spiritual. As soon as something is connected to Krishna, it can never remain material.
  • It doesn’t matter in which varna or ashram we are in. Everyone has to do their duty, without running away from it.
  • Since everything comes from Him, duty also comes from Him and so understanding this when we do it immaculately well, Krishna is very pleased.
  • As soon as we touch material life, we experience the waves of modes and are consumed by the whirlpool of material modes.
  • Complete suspension of these material modes is required.

Maharaj was giving us the example of how Duryodhana went to forest with big army, with an intention to show-off his opulence to the Pandavas and make them feel depressed. Now let us continue to hear from Maharaj.

“Duryodhan is the best example. Again and again he was advised to suspend the complete influence of the modes. But even then he would be consumed by the modes. Dhrtarashtra was bit favourable to the Pandavas. He thought, “Now that we have banished them to the forest, it is enough. No need of creating trouble again.” This was best part of Dhrtarashtra. But this fellow, Duryodhan wanted to create the whirlpool of modes. Thats why he wanted to go with a big army, Karna and Sakuni and he wanted to show their valour to the Pandavas who was staying on the other side of the field. So as planned the Kauravas left for the forest. He didn’t count the cows. But he wanted to go near the Pandavas first. So he first sent a few men there. But it so happened that some other powerful men had already put their tent near the Pandavas. So they stopped Duryodhan’s men and said, “You can’t go ahead. This is our

territory.” So his men went back to Duryodhan and said that there is some obstacle and so they are not able to proceed. Duryodhan was again upset; again the waves of material nature. And the whirlpool was that he wanted to constantly harm the Pandavas. He couldn’t untie himself from this whirlpool. This is the tragedy in our life. We may tolerate the waves for sometime. But if sanity prevails and if there is some culture like these satsang and Krishna-katha, then we might come out of the waves. But as soon as we entangle in this revengeful attitude, then it is a whirlpool. Then our time is wasted. This body has a set time and in that time only we plan how to disturb others and how to get their veins. This is completely ridiculous for the living entity. But if we go along with the whirlpool, then we cannot get out and we will drown. That is what happened to Duryodhan also. He was very angry. He thought, “Who can stop me ? I am the biggest king on the planet.” So he himself went along with some army to fight against those powerful men. He was also stopped and since the other party was so well equipped, there was a big fight between them.

Eventually Duryodhan lost and he was arrested by them. Can you see this whirlpool ? He completely lost everything. As soon as he was arrested, he wanted to get released. But they didn’t release and he started crying. Loud cries were heard by Pandavas who were on the other side of the field. Hearing the cries, Yudhishtir said, “Looks like our Duryodhan is crying.” Bhima said, “Forget about him. He has insulted us so many times. Let him cry.” Yudhishtir said, “No. It is our duty. He is our cousin. He is very dear to me and so please, you and Arjuna go and find out who it is.” Eventually Yudhishtir sent them for help. Yudhishtir Maharaj was out of waves of modes of material nature. Certainly, he was not under the whirlpool of modes. This is the difference. In the difficulty, he wanted to help Duryodhan even though he has done so much wrong to the Pandavas. This is “aatmany eva ca santushtas”. He was completely

satisfied in any situation, with his own transcendental nature and transcendental nature of Krishna. He didn’t have to nourish the enmity towards the living entities. The sanity in devotee population is that we don’t have any enmity anywhere. We don’t keep all these rubbish in our mind, because our whole mind is covered by Hari Katha. We don’t have place for anybody else. This is our position and the more you try to do this, more you will be away from these waves and whirlpools. Eventually, Pandavas went and fought with the other party and Duryodhan was released. Duryodhan was completely ashamed. Instead of showing his valour to Pandavas, he had to be grateful to them. But again the modes, will not allow to be grateful. This is our position also. So many living entities do so many things for us. We are really indebted to so many living entities. But even then we are very ungrateful. Ungrateful attitude will destroy your devotional service, whatever little devotional service you have. Please always be grateful. Always be humble. Humility will give you the idea of gratefulness. More so towards our elders and parents, no doubt. Don’t look to them as to what they are. But you should always be grateful to them. And those who have helped us, we should always be grateful to them. Please, everything could be achieved through this – krtajna. Bhagavatam confirms this. Everything could be achieved through this humble attitude.

Always cultivate the patience. If you are really patient, then the modes will not affect you. We are already in the waves. We are already there. Our bodily existence has to be the material existence. Can we leave for a single second ? Till we have this body, I have to stay somewhere; I have to take shower; I have to eat something; How can we leave this existence ? And this existence without fail, is in the ocean of the waves of material nature. But we don’t mind at all. We are in the ocean of modes. But our attention is towards the Supreme living being and we just care for Him. Nothing more and nothing less. As soon as we come to this conclusion, practically we lead our lives ideally. As soon as our life becomes ideal, the result is satisfaction. It doesn’t matter what you perform. As soon as we are satisfied, we are nearer to Krishna. And again we should remember that this satisfaction, is not all in all. We are trying to satisfy ourself. But this is not all in all. As soon as you are satisfied, this is the beginning of transcendental bliss. Satisfying means, we are out of the influence of the modes.

(Maharaj looks at small children in the audience and teaches them to repeat the Mahamantra, by patiently telling the mantra word by word. One child recited. But another younger one did not. When Maharaj asked her why she didn’t recite the child started crying for her mother. Maharaj laughed and allowing her to go back to her mother and said), She is completely in an alien atmosphere (laughter). We are also in alien atmosphere. Ours is spiritual nature and we are caught hold in material nature and we are crying here -“Mummy Mummy”. So far as we are crying correctly, then our crying is alright. That crying is called kirtan (laughter). If you are wildly crying, then you are disturbing yourself. Please try to take care of these things. As I was telling that as soon as we are satisfied to be out of this waves of material nature, then we are satisfied, everyone around us are satisfied. But satisfaction is not all in all. Satisfaction is needed. But we have to go to the first floor. So stairs are very important. But stairs are not all in all. We have to use the stairs always to go upstairs. But we don’t sit in the stairs saying, “Yes. you are very nice. You are very important for me.” You have to go to first floor. Please this satisfaction is not all in all. It is the beginning of going up-stairs. That is transcendenatl bliss. And as soon as blissful nature is there, it goes on increasing; expansion is there. Again in these things, we have to come out of the remaining modes.

There are two ways to come out. First we should cultivate neutrality. The duality doesn’t affect us. Miseries and happiness will be same. Long and short is same. No duality affects us. This is neutrality. And as soon as neutrality is there, we may try to be equal to all living entities. We are not affected by the fact that this one is not related to me. That one is related to me etc. This duality is completely absent and we try to be equipoised. And as soon as you do this, you go ahead again. And at this stage, Krishna might test you again. And then if He is merciful, you will reach the final destination. This is complete suspension of the modes. And those who remain in this situation all the time, they will be like Yudhishtir. Yudhishtir is steady and equipoised even in battlefield. Our life is also like a battlefield and we have to struggle to earn our bread, butter and water. But we will be completely steady. This is the way to attain the highest point in devotional service. Please always hear; perform kirtan and try to help the living entities around so that we can get liberated from the clutches of three modes. Hare Krishna ! Srila Prabhupada ki Jai !”

Srila Gurudev ki Jai !

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Sudarshana devi dasi.