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Learn by Heart and Sing Very Nicely – 1

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Mathajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva !

I was listening to our spiritual master, HDG Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj’s class on Srimad Bhagavatam verse 4.7.5 and shall make a humble effort to transcribe the same. After singing the initial invocation prayers Maharajji started to sing the below verse.

“baahubhyaam ashvinoh pushno / hastaabhyaam krita-baahavah
bhavantv adhvaryavash caanye / basta-shmashrur bhrigur bhavet

Those who have had their arms cut off will have to work with the arms of Ashvini-kumaara, and those whose hands were cut off will have to do their work with the hands of Pushaa. The priests will also have to act in that manner. As for Bhrigu, he will have the beard from the goat’s head.

Purport by Srila Prabhupada, please hear:

Bhrigu Muni, a great supporter of Daksha, was awarded the beard of the goat’s head which was substituted for the head of Daksha. It appears from the exchange of Daksha’s head that the modern scientific theory that the brain substance is the cause of all intelligent work is not valid. The brain substance of Daksha and that of a goat are different, but Daksha still acted like himself, even though his head was replaced by that of a goat. The conclusion is that it is the particular consciousness of an individual soul which acts. The brain substance is only an instrument which has nothing to do with real intelligence. The real intelligence, mind and consciousness are part of the particular individual soul. It will be found in the verses ahead that after Daksha’s head was replaced by the goat’s head, he was as intelligent as he had previously been. He prayed very nicely to satisfy Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu, which is not possible for a goat to do. Therefore it is definitely concluded that the brain substance is not the center of intelligence; it is the consciousness of a particular soul that works intelligently. The whole movement of Krishna consciousness is to purify the consciousness. It doesn’t matter what kind of brain one has because if he simply transfers his consciousness from matter to Krishna, his life becomes successful. It is confirmed by the Lord Himself in Bhagavad-Gita that anyone who takes up Krishna consciousness achieves the highest perfection of life, regardless of whatever abominable condition of life he may have fallen into. Specifically, anyone in Krishna consciousness goes back to Godhead, back to home, on leaving his present material body.

There are beautiful verses from Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam and should be learnt by heart and sung very nicelybecause all scriptures are “geya” – that could be very nicely sung. And the more you sing the disease from your body vanishes, that is the first material result. But that is not our goal. Our goal is not to have undiseased body but body is the instrument and that instrument has got to be very nice. When doctor performs the operation, his goal is not to keep the knife clean, his goal is to cut the body and remove the disease. That is the goal of doctor in performing the operation. But because the knife is the instrument, it has got to be sharp and it has got to be very healthy in nice clean condition. Our aim is not to have a healthy body, but it is required for performing our Krishna Conscious activities and that is why we have to take resort of this medicine, which is the king of the medicine for the whole of existence. Unless you try in this way, our attempts may completely end up in failure. To change the consciousness is not very easy thing because from lives together, in so many innumerable lives we are prone to perform the fruitive activities. When we were in the other species of life, we had the same tendencies that unless we get some result we do not do any work. That was our innate tendencies. And the same tendency continues here also. In order to drive away that tendency we must perform a very nice gita thru the shastras. And you take that verse which is very important in Bhagavad-gita, verse number 12 from 10 chapter [BG 10.12] it gives ten characteristics in two lines. In no other literature in the world, in no other scripture (so called), these things are given. These are very important things. In 1-2 lines we have 10 qualities of Krishna, and not only that, but it has beautiful lyric. Om is the sound incarnation of the Lord and in this verse, there is 9 Oms. This is how we should get into it and try, and it does not require any time. While driving you can do, while cooking you can do, while doing the work you can do, provided we are very sincere to learn about these things. If the sincerity is missing, then failure is the result. Hear that verse, it is beautiful – 12th verse from 10th chapter.

param brahma param dhaama / pavitram paramam bhavaan
purusham shaasvatam divyam / aadi-devam ajam vibhum

Srimad Bhagavad-gita is very easy to understand. And thats why we should begin with Srimad Bhagavad-Gita. Unless we learn to write from 1 to 10, we cannot write 1 to 100 and if we don’t learn 1 to 100, and if you forget that, then you cannot solve the mathematical principles. This is the beginning and beginning has got to be remembered all the time. If you tell that “Oh, I have learnt to write from 1 to 100 and now I don’t need it.” No, you require it all the time because you have mastered it. The beginning things have got to be mastered. And this way Bhagavad-gita becomes very important in our spiritual life and particularly we should start from the core seed verses, which are very very important. These children should be given these verses continuously so that the whole Bhagavad-gita they have in their brains. They may not be able to study 700 verses but start from these four verses from tenth chapter verse number 8, 9, 10 and 11 and whole Bhagavad-gita the philosophy will be with you always. It is very easy to understand. And then try to learn few of the verses for the glorification of the Lord. And now we are not very new, ISKCON is already very old. So we are not very new now. We have to sit cross legged on this floor and we’ll try to engross in studying this scripture. It is so nice a scripture we have in the form of Bhagavad-gita sung by Lord Himself. And we know that there is no difference between the Lord and His Geet. So we should concentrate on these things.

Then we go to 9th verse in 8th chapter.

kavim puraanam anushaasitaaram
anor aneeyaamsam anusmared yah
sarvasya dhaataaram acintya-roopam
aaditya-varnam tamasah parastaat

Then beautiful verse is 11th chapter verse number 38.

tvam aadi-devah purusah puraanas
tvam asya vishvasya param nidhaanam
vettaasi vedyam ca param ca dhaama
tatam vishvam ananta-roopa

These three verses has a peculiarity. The first verse [BG 10.12] gives you 10 qualities of Krishna. The 8th chapter 9th verse [BG 8.9] gives you 8 qualities of Krishna and 11th chapter 38th verse [BG 11.38] again gives you 10 qualities of Krishna. We are all preachers we want to preach about Krishna. We must have few qualities at hand and full references so that we can talk about Krishna. Otherwise our existence becomes completely useless. The result is like this. Please take the verse, make the list of the qualities, try to find out the references from Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam or any number of references. This is how we should utilize our time. And that is well spent because your knowledge increases. And as soon as the transcendental knowledge increases in your existence, your whole existence blooms. It never remains the bud, at the moment we have a bud. We have this budding consciousness. And there is a capacity to bloom. But we are not blooming because we are not trying. Bud cannot bloom unless there is water and sunshine. Water has got to be there and sunshine has got to be there. Otherwise bud will remain a bud. It has the capacity to bloom but we are forced to live as bud. We have water in the form of scriptures we have the sunshine in the form of the Gurus, everything is here, but we are not taking advantage of this. And because we are not taking advantage of this, the frustration is the result.”

“This is how we should get to the scriptures. And then slowly, you can proceed to Srimad-Bhagavatam. It is the highest scripture we have the best scripture we have at our disposal and Srila Prabhupada’s labour. His words are completely clear, every story is clear, the morals are clear, Srila Prabhupada purports are very clear. And you can see from this purport that no doubt this story is about Daksha and how he was punished because of his offence. The main thing Srila Prabhupada discusses here is the modern trend. Srila Prabhupada is expert in explaining the scriptures and showing us the intimate connection with our day to day life. And not only that, he is advising the scientists, he was not a scientist. But you have to understand that when you come to Krishna – “sarvam evam vidyadhana bhavati“. Everything becomes known. And this is the crux of that. This purport is very modern and he has given the best principle to us. Our scientists they claim with the eight separated energies of Krishna. And those eight separated energies are very nicely described in the verses in 7th chapter. Which are those verses ? BG 7.4 and 5,

bhumir aapo ‘nalo vaayuh / kham mano buddhir eva ca
ahankaara itiyam me / bhinnaa prakritir ashtadhaa
apareyam itas tv anyaam / prakritim viddhi me paraam
jiva-bhutaam mahaa-baaho / yayedam dhaaryate jagat

In these two verse these eight separated energies and root cause of our existence is very nicely described. You take the first verse, ‘bhumir aapo ‘nalo vaayuh / kham mano buddhir eva ca‘. Bhumi means earth; aapah means water; analah means fire; bhumir aapo ‘nalo vaayuh – air and kham ether. These are the five great elements. Then apart from these gross five great elements, there are three subtle elements, mind, intelligence and ego – man,buddhi and ahankaaraitiyam me bhinnaa prakrtir ashtadhaaBhinnaa – these are My eight separated energies. They are energies of the Lord but they are separated. And because they are separated, on their own they can’t do anything. Being gross material elements they cannot do anything on their own. There is a land but unless you till and unless you sow the seeds nothing will grow. The land cannot do on its own. The same way the water cannot do on its own. The same way the vayu cannot do on its own. But at the same time these elements are very much essential for our healthy existence. And not only that the importance of man buddhi and ahankaara, that is the subtle body, exceeds from the material body. At the time of death, we have to leave our material body, which is made up of five elements – bhumir aapo analo vaayuh kham that is land, water, fire, air and either. This body we have to leave, nobody is able to take this body. Doesn’t matter, you may be a millionaire, doctor, engineer, what ever you may be, everybody have to leave this body here. And we are very much attached to the body. And that is why you may this idea that people exploit this tendency and they have created a big business out of it.

You must be knowing, once in television, there was a program about this business. That people are very much attached to their body, we don’t want to leave our body, resurrection, they call it. That maybe we can again come back. See the old persons, you know, in America particularly they are very rich, and nobody wants to part with the money. So they come to the, them these old persons; I forget the name of the company, but it is situated in Los Angeles, I think, you might be knowing he company, big office they have; and the business is, they approach the old people and they tell them that what is the use of giving money to anybody. You just keep your money, your account will be with us, we’ll manage the account and we’ll charge you some fees, you know, and we’ll freeze the body as soon as you die. So, if your body is there, then it may be you can come back. And when you come back your account is there(laughs) . And they give heavy heavy this so much large amount of money to freeze their body. And then they show you know, that this is the way we have arranged, and your bodies will be preserved here. Nobody knows that the electricity may fail and the ice may melt, who is going to take care of the dead body. But even then they exploit the situation. And its a big business. Many times what happens that we don’t have 200 thousand dollars to preserve our body. So they say, “Doesn’t matter, we’ll preserve only your head and if the head is there the body will develop”(laughs) . This is impossible. Without the existence of the soul, the body cannot develop, but this is how the exploitation is going on. Only pay 60,000 and we’ll only freeze your head. So they cut their head. And there are heads also in their godowns. So this is for 50,000, 75000 two hands are there, 200,000 whole body is there. This is lunacy. As soon as we come to Krishna then these things become very clear. However hard we may try to preserve the body – no use ; In Egypt formerly, you know, the mummies, the dead bodies was preserved medically. And not only that, but with the dead bodies servants were also buried. They thought may be sometime they may come back. They do not know that by the time they come back the servants will also be dead and he can never come back to his dead body. But this is the ignorance we are exploited. Because as soon as you go away from Krishna then ‘bahushaaka hy anantas ca buddhayo ‘vyavasaayinaam‘ [BG 2.41]. As soon as you leave Krishna Consciousness, there is so many branches you will roam about. Everywhere you get frustrated.”

Krishna willing, I shall transcribe the remaining parts of Maharajji’s class in the forthcoming mails.

Thank you very much.
Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada and Gurudeva,
Manohar Krishna Das,