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Take Shelter of the Worthy Shelter – 2

In yesterday’s offering we heard from Maharaj that we are not taking complete shelter of Krishna as we don’t appreciate His transcendental Supreme nature. Maharaj insisted how Srila Prabhupada has mercifully given us the scriptures in a simple and sublime manner, in English language so that everyone of us could understand Lord’s transcendental nature.  So we need to do deep study of Srila Prabhupada’s books.  Now let us continue to hear more nectar from Gurudev.

But because we don’t understand Krishna that’s why we don’t have the rati you know, that attraction. We are still not attracted to Krishna. That’s why we are beating about the bush. All these pages, they force us to get attracted to Krishna. Our nature particularly is bharatiya you know. We always keep something in the margin, that one comes first, then this. And our forefathers have shown us the way. They were doing everything but they were not doing anything, everything was happening. They will completely free from that. Now the complex situations are there. The families are breaking down, this and that. So many things are there. But it doesn’t matter. Human values don’t change. Social statusmay change here and there. Human values remain the same. That’s why in any condition of material life, these things are valuable. You have to have attraction to the transcendence. You understand it through the pages of Bhagavad-gita and Bhagavatam. Not only that, sincere understanding must be there. What is it? Seriously inquisitive student realizes the Supreme Absolute Truth. Devotional service which is based on the foreground of full knowledge, combined with detachment from material atmosphere and which is fixed by the aural reception of vedanta shruti, is the only perfect method by which a seriously inquisitive student can realize the Absolute Truth. The serious inquisitiveness is absent. And that’s why out of our 24 hours a day, 23 and half goes in nonsense. And that 23 and half could be done in half-an-hour. (Maharaj laughs). That capacity we have. That’s why they have the VRS schemes you know, Volutary Retirement. Early retirement. You can retire early. They will give you something, some money will be there, your expenses somehow or other will pull off and you retire. Somehow or other, everywhere VRS is there. Either we are voluntarily retiring or force kicked. Those both are voluntary. You HAVE to retire. There is no way but you have to retire. Then that should be regarded as a special prerogative offered by Krishna, that you are not in the picture. You were telling now (pointing to a devotee) that you are somehow or other trying to organize so you can retire from these activities. That is best. Whatever years are there, you can do a deep study of the whole Bhagavatam and really learn so many things.

These only 2-3 verses we are speaking, how nice they are. Even if we don’t understand, if we only vibrate, even then it is quite nice. And we know so many things about Krishna being always under the roof of Krishna. Please drive away the lethargy. (Maharaj recites praayena alpaayusha verse). The thing is it is very easy to conquer the laziness, but we don’t really want to conquer. The intense desire is not there. And to have the intense desire, the practical thing has got to be seen. The day is bound to come when our eyes will not open, our ears will not work, we cannot hear anything, that is our condition also. But we are simply wasting time. Please, instead, we should get more attached to these spiritual things, before we get the same condition. what is it? turnam yateta anupatet na mrtyu yaavanturnam meansimmediateturnam yateta means, try immediatelyna patet – before you fall down mrtyu yaavan – again you are facing another death. So before that death arrives please try to turn your notebooks, keep the things ready and you just go through them. Other maintenance activities are not really time consuming. It is just a few hours or few minutes many times. Just arrange something and everything will go on. Now we have ordered the iron (for construction). Iron will come, we will pay the money and that’s itm, forget about it. We are going on meditating, Iron, we should do this, it is 50000 bill has to be paid etc. When the time comes bill has to be paid. Iron is there, Iron man is there and they are working. What are we doing? We are not doing anything. We unnecessarily linger on. That is bad. These material activities we don’t know that they happen without our interference. We are not the cause of that. Iron was already, the iron ore was taken out of the mine, then it is melted, then it was converted into bars, what did we do? We didn’t do anything. Krishna supplied everything. We forget the original source and we just run after the iron. And this is our condition.

In all the material matters we cannot do anything unless He does. There is no way you can arrange without His mercy. Even then we put ourselves in the center. That is what this Narasingh Mehta shouts you know “hun karun hun karun ej ajnaata – I think I am doing; I am doing; this is the gross ignorance“. Then he gives the example. shakat no bhaarna shvaan thaane – the bullock cart is driven by the bullock and the dog comes in between the bullocks  and he thinks that he is pulling the cart. We are like those dogs. I mean to say, that the material things don’t take long. If we are serving somewhere or if we are having some responsibility it may take a few hours. Otherwise it will take only 5 mins. For me it is a matter of only 5 mins. For me to think about these material things is just 5-10 mins. That’s why, I don’t know if you have seen me I am always writing some notebook or something. Have you seen me anytime, writing something like “You are managing this or He is managing that?”  From the beginning since Dwaraka, I was sitting upstairs. Bhagavatam was nice. So many times I repeated. Dwaraka was best really, it was very peaceful. And that room is best you know. No disturbance at all. Please try to do something and invest your energy in this. That energy will be multiplied and it will spread everywhere. Only these 3-4 verses if you do, it will give insight into the nature of the Supreme Absolute Truth. And there are innumerable verses in Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita. Wherever you open it is all Krishna. And that’s why it is non-different from Krishna. There are only 2 things. One is the instructions about our contaminated behavior. The other thing is transcendence. That’s all, there is nothing else in the scriptures. Only 2 things we will find out. All the different episodes are there to correct our contaminated behavior. Behavior pattern, how it should be for a Krishna conscious person. And with that behavior how you can endeavor into the transcendence is the other part. There is nothing else at all. Behavior pattern once and for all, we have to correct ourselves. Since last so many years we are discussing Bhagavad-gita and Bhagavatam. What are we discussing man? Even now, if we don’t touch the purity what are we discussing daily? Day in and day out we have to be on our guard. Nobody can guard you. We may suggest something. Sane guard must be there. The confidential thing of the purity is, that the more purity you have the more things will be arranged according to your will. Purity must be there. And we don’t have to do anything. He will arrange.

Krishna willing we will continue to hear more nectar from Gurudev in the subsequent mails.

Thank you very much.

Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Kalacakra Krsna das


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