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What is the need of Vastu Shastra?

Liberation is never inaction, but service without human mistakes. [Srila Prabhupada S.B.2.2.1 purport]

In human society, there are so many different variety of people with different consciousness.  Whole society can be divided into two categories,

1. Who believe and follow the laws of nature and laws of God.
2. Who do not believe and do not care to follow (even if they believe in some cases) nature and God’s laws

Now those who do not believe and/or do not care to follow the laws of nature and laws of God, we will not discuss in this portion of article. (They may contact us for proper understanding of these principles).  But we will mainly deal with people who do believe that nature works under certain laws, which are created and enforced by God.

In this category there are mainly two classes of men,

  1. Those who seek worldly enjoyment (bodily enjoyment).
  2. Those who seek liberation (moksha or nirvana).

Those who seek worldly enjoyment are definitely inclined to follow the principles of Astrology, Vastu, etc. for they know that neglecting such principles will invoke the wrath of deities who govern this cosmos and it’s elements.

Now those who seek liberation are further divided in two categories,

  1. Impersonalist (who believe that God is without any form).
  2. Personalist (who believe that God is Supreme Person).

In the above two categories of liberation seekers, there are some times some immature transcendentalist, who say that to follow the principles of astrology, Vastu etc. is inferior.  We are trying to transcend the happiness and distress and there is no need for us to follow such principles which are by nature material and thus inferior.

To such people one thing should be very clear, “Liberation of any kind is impossible to attend by deliberately disobeying the laws of God.”  Laws of God are mentioned in scriptures and every transcendentalist is expected to follow those laws, but if they do not follow that hinders their progressive march on path of trascendence.  Following Vastu principles does not hinder one’s progress on the spiritual path, but definitely attracts the blessings of higher beings (administrative demigods).  One sufficiently intelligent can use these blessings to progress on the path of Liberation.  Even if one is not very rigidly following Vastu Principles, can still progress on the path of Krsna Consciousness but his service could be coupled with mistakes and Liberation as per Srila Prabhupada is devotional service without human mistakes.

One should not think that if one has a good Vastu principles adopted home or office, one will not have miseries and will not die.  The miseries will still come, because Krishna says in Gita that this world is home of miseries.  But one should not be working to increase the miseries by neglecting the laws of God.  To this effect this is a quote from Matsya Purana spoken by Lord Brahma to Vastu Purusha, Lord Brahma said to Vastu Purusha, “In relation to Vastu and at the end of Vaishvadeva whatever sacrifice will be offered will definately become your food.  The worship offered for Vastu-Shanti will also become your food.  Sacrifice offered in Yajna ceremonies will also become your food.  Those who do not perform Vastu Puja will become your food and moreover any sacrifice performed in ignorance will become food for you as well.”  Hearing these words, Vastu Purusha became happy and since then the custom of offering Vastu-Shanti has started.  [Matsya Purana  Chapter 252].

Those who follow the path of Bhakti (especially followers of Lord Chaitanya) should remember one statement from Chaitanya Bhagavat that one COMPLETELY satisfies the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna by worshipping Him along with all of His energies.  Administrative demigods and also Vastu Purusha is part of Krishna’s energy.  By respecting Vastu Purusa at the time of building or construction and following the principles and guidance given in scriptures is part of worshiping Krishna along with His energies.  If that was not important, then in ancient time the saintly kings and saints who build the temples would not have taken so much care to adopt the Vastu principles in constructions.


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